Determining Eye Dominance

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Before wearing the Smartglass for the first time, you should decide which eye you want to wear it in front of. For the majority of the population, the right eye is the dominant one.

But which is the right eye in your case can be determined with a simple exercise.

  1. Stretch your arm out and form a circle with your thumb and index finger.
  2. Fix with both eyes open, through the circle a small object such as a light switch or door handle.
  3. Without moving your hand, close one eye first and then close the other.
Determine Eye
Determine left or right eye

While you have closed one of the two eyes, the object centered in the circle remains in the circle and with other one of the two eyes the object moves or disappears completely. The eye in which the object remains centered is your dominant eye and the Smartglass should be worn in front of it. The Smartglass will automatically recognize which eye will be used and rotate the image correctly in the display.

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