Keyboard voice commands

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Voice CommandAction
“SECURE ENTRY”Toggles to Secure Entry mode
“NORMAL ENTRY”Toggles to Normal Entry Mode
“SCAN CODE”Allows user to scan QR code for text entry
To set the zoom level for clear scanning say “Zoom level 1-5”. For example, to set the zoom level to 3, say “Zoom level 3”.
“DICTATION”Activates dictation and allows user to enter text based on speech recognition.
“NUMBERS”Toggles to the Number Keyboard
“SYMBOLS”Toggles to the Symbol Keyboard
“LETTERS”Toggles to the Letter Keyboard
“ACCEPT”Accepts the entered information and navigates to the next screen in sequence.
“SPACEBAR”Inserts a single space.
“BACKSPACE”Deletes the last character.
“CLEAR TEXT”Clears the text in the Input box.
“CAPS LOCK”Toggles between Uppercase and Lowercase letters
“ABC MODE”Toggles to the ABC Mode keyboard
“LETTER [a-z]”Starts a text string as spoken by the user. For example “LETTER X Z Y” will enter the text ‘xzy’ to the field.
“NUMBER [0-9]”Starts a number string as spoken by the user. For example “NUMBER 4 7 2” will enter the number ‘472’ to the field.
“SYMBOL [?]”Starts a symbol string as spoken by the user. For example “SYMBOL UNDERSCORE DOLLAR QUOTE” will enter ‘_$”’ to the field
“CLOSE KEYBOARD”Closes the Speech Keyboard
“SHOW HELP”Displays pop-up window with the help for commands associated with the current screen.
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